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Story time: Before you say I do, ensure he's not gay

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I met a friend recently who had lost a bit of weight. I thought she looked radiant the last time I saw her, which was on her wedding day. See I have a way with people and words (or so I've been told), so I thought I'd ask "Are you doing okay?" To which she'd simply respond, "I'm not".

I asked her further, also trying hard to come across as comforting, not simply interested in knowing what was going on. She confided in me that she suspects her husband is a homosexual. 

Ruth (not her real name) says she had suspected her husband Tony (not his real name) was sexually involved with someone else, she just didn't suspect it was a man.

Ruth had walked in on her husband with another man. She says perhaps the pill wouldn't be too hard to swallow if it were another woman. She says the hardest thing for her was the fact that he made her question her ability to detect lies, especially one as big as this one.

What her story taught me, and I believe all women out there should be aware of, is the fact that homosexuality has no face. It's not a man who likes the colour pink, or has a special place for soap operas whilst licking a lollipop. Gay people are simply that - gay. 

Before one says "I Do" they better be 110% sure they know the person they're pledging to spend the rest of their lives with, lest they end up in a situation such as Ruth's. 

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