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The hidden face of prostitution in Nairobi

zack abuyeka
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Prostitutes waiting for clients [Photo/Tuko]

According to a latest research, Nairobi has more than forty thousand twilight girls working in the sex business, with at least three in ten female sex workers infected with HIV.

Nairobi streets at night are full with prostitutes who openly display their 'goodies' in a bid to lure customers to their traps.

Some of them even go to the extent of physically assaulting or hurling insults at passersby who show no interest in their services. 

They sometimes masquerade as sex workers yet in real sense they are robbers waiting to pounce on their prey. 

What is more, they walk in gangs of about five ladies with one good-looking lady used as the trap to lure men into having sex before the rest pounce on the unsuspecting client and steal valuables from him.

The worst affected streets are areas around River Road and Latema Road where the prostitutes target uninterested clients. 

Passing by these streets has now become a nightmare to most men in Nairobi as the prostitutes target anyone walking there. 

Shockingly, most of the twilight girls are young, aged between 18 to 27 years, majority of whom are students at key institutions in Nairobi.

Another generation of digital twilight girls has also emerged.

This category trades their services on famous websites and other social media accounts like Facebook.

They are mostly high end and expensive and have specific target clientele of mostly the driving class.

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