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Things you should never do for Bae before he puts a ring on it

Cornel Wawire
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Relationships are good. However, there are extends people should go to for the sake of relationships. Most women are losing themselves in a relationship for the sake of keeping this man they think they love. Most times, they turn out being heartbroken. Here are things a woman should never do to a man who is not her husband:

Get pregnant with him

Look, women, don’t get pregnant for a man thinking it will keep him. Men are such heartless that they will walk out on you even when you are pregnant with their baby. Play safe not unless you want to be a single mother.

Quit your job

Many women are quitting their jobs for the sake of their relationship. This is a risky move as this man will leave you as soon as you become dependent on him when he is the one that forced you to quit your job. A man who loves you will encourage you to work on your passion and job and not quit it.

Do his chores

Ladies, don’t be a slave to your man. If your man only calls you over to his place when he wants you to do his house chores, be sure he is using you. If a man respects you, he will do his chores and let you help only when you feel like.

Never pay his bills

Be aware of male gold diggers. Such people are on the rise around cities and the sooner you notice them the better. You are neither a bank account nor his parents to pay his bills. If you do this, make sure is a reasonable amount you paying out of good will.

Listen to him after cheating on you

Men will always be men. Look, if a man cheats on you once, he will always cheat. The earlier you realize the better. A man who cheats doesn’t value you nor respects you. Pack your things and leave him with his life.

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