Honestly, when God opens a door in your life, he opens that door wide open and even throws in some open windows. Just when you things can not get any better, they actually do, Kanze Dena’s only way is up at this point.

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Kanze Dena’s very tearful exit out of Citizen TV was definitely tears of joy seeing as blessings are definitely pouring on her. Following her promotion to Deputy State House spokesperson, she will take on the role of communication teams, mainly the President’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging for the delivery of the Big Four agenda.

This big job comes hand in hand with a huge bank account whereby she will now be earning an astounding net salary of Sh 800,000 monthly! Of course, there is a medical cover, housing allowance and security detail alongside other benefits.

We honestly cannot wait for Kanze to do a great job just as she has always done throughout her career. With the kind of good work she did at Citizen TV, no doubt she will give her best in the state house.