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This is what you do if you find Mututho with someone's wife in lodging

Wagema Felista
A photo of John Mututho and his 2017 campaign manager. [Photo/SDE]

 Controversial politician John Mututho has come out guns blazing after being accused of bedding several women and impregnating them.

Mututho's intimate life was thrust to the public after a local tabloid published a story on his alleged escapades.

The former Nakuru governor aspirant's wife accused him of having an illicit affair with his campaign manager during the 2017 election, a cook and a third woman.

Reached for a comment by the paper, Mututho hit back saying he is a man of means able to marry even 40 wives. 

He told the writer never to call again to ask 'garbage'.

He said he can even impregnate someone's wife. 

“I have eight children and before I die, I want to have 12 kids. So I can impregnate four more wives.  And if you were to find me in a lodging with somebody’s wife, go tell the man to come and I refund him the bride price”.

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