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This is why every man wants to sleep with you

Adonijah Nziwa
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Men notice every curve and detail in a woman.  They will look at your curves and fantasize sleeping with you. Have you ever asked yourself why every man wants to have sex with you. Well, here are some of the probable reasons behind this.

1. You are sexy

Beauty is among the things that make men attracted to women. If you are too beautiful then most men around you will want to have sex with even if you are married. The looks of a woman determined how she attracts men.  There are men who might be seeing you as a sex symbol 

2. You dress indecently 

If you have been dressing to kill then there are men who won’t resist but think about making love to you. The dress code of a woman will make men think about laying her or not. If you are ever dressing in short and tight skirts then any weak man won’t resist asking you for a date. 

3. You rarely say no 

A morally loose woman can sleep with anyone. Men like boasting about the women they have slept with. If you have been sleeping around then expect more men to ask for sex from you. A woman who does not respect herself will definitely become everyone’s attraction.

4. You lack self-respect

Lack of self-respect can also make men to take advantage of you. If you can date someone who is already in a relationship and you have no problem then every man will want to take the same path to sleep with.

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-Adonijah Nziwa

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