Every woman wants her man to hit her g-spot during intercourse. Women feel great when a man hits this spot during lovemaking. However, some men find it hard reaching this spot. If you are among men who have been finding it hard reaching your woman’s pleasure point then worry no more. Here are reasons you are not finding her g-spot no matter how hard you try. 

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First, you need to understand that the g-spot is not located inside the vagina. The spot can be defined as the urethral sponge. It lies close to the wall of the vagina. You can stimulate this spot by stimulating the wall of your vagina. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure when stimulating this point during sex.

In some women, the spot may be very responsive during certain stages of the month. There are times she will feel pleasure while other times she will not. It is upon the man to understand the behavior of his woman in order to make her stimulated during sex. Be persistent and try more than one time to enable her to reach orgasm with ease. 

Men also need to know that sometimes it can be impossible to locate this spot if the woman is not fully aroused. Make sure is wet before trying to locate this point. You will find it easier locating the pleasure point if she is ready for penetration. In simple terms, do not try locating the spot if she has not been aroused.