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Three habits you need to abandon to be successful in life

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Day dreaming is one of the habits you should discard by now to be successful (Photo/

Once in a while we sit down and try to figure out what we need to start doing to impact on our future.we ponder our past actions and their results , where we are right now and what we should do next.

While these are logical steps to take, we neglect the fact that putting more things into our lives means we have to take out other components. 

And in order to make space what we want to do we need to discard our bad habits first.

Here are habits you need to abandon for that success:

Daydreaming about the future

Fantasizing about the future decreases energy levels, giving you less motivation to actually pursue those daydreams. That is when you imagine something so distant from reality, it is difficult or impossible to take action henceforth, leading your life in pretense.

Looking for a reason to get started

We fall into the trap thinking there is a perfect time to pursue a goal.Maybe we wait until our careers have reached a certain level, we have accumulated enough money or someone has given us permission to do so.However, there is no perfect time to start working on your idea, trying something new or picking up a skill.The best time is now.

Blaming other people

Sometimes it really is someone else's fault that something bad happened. But what can you do? Blaming other people doesn't solve anything.Instead it creates more anger.If someone wronged you, let go of those bitter feelings and move on.Forgive and focus on your goals instead.

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