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Three reasons why Kenyan men prefer dating Nairobi women

Brian Wagah
A group of Nairobi girls having fun.[Photo/equator news]

Nairobi women are the most feared women when it comes to dating them, but on the other dimension, they are most favored. Nairobi consist of women of different characteristics. For this reason, most of the men prefer them as per their traits compared to women from other towns.

Here are some of the reasons as to why men prefer Nairobi women than other women from other towns.

They are attractive

When it comes to dressing, any fashion starts with Nairobi women. The dressing of Nairobi women makes them more attractive compared to women from another town. For this reason, men tend to fall for Nairobi women and end up dating them.

They are 'cultured'                

When talking about civilization, it’s not that women from other town are not enlightened, civilization in this matter refers to the refinement when it comes to having fun. Rich Kenyan men prefer Nairobi women when it comes to having fun as these women understand it well on how to do.

They know how to treat men

Men prefer Nairobi women as they understand it well when it comes to managing men pampering them with seduction. Most of the men like to be seduced and as a result, they tend to choose Nairobi women as they understand it better.

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