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Top 5 things to consider in naming your business

Cornel Wawire
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The length of the name matters when one is coming up with the right name for a business. [Photo/]

Garissa is a very good place to set up your business. There are many people doing well in business in Garissa. Being a business sector, Garissa is attracting thousands of investors.

However, there are many things you must put in mind before being successful in business in Garissa. The one thing you must put in mind in the business name of your business.

A business name markets your business to people around you. People will get into with your business through your business name. Here are five things to consider in naming your business:

AvailabilityThis is one thing you must do for before registering your business name. Search on the governments portal if anyone has the same business name as the one you have chosen. If the name is not registered anywhere, you can then register it for it to start working.

The length of the nameA simple business name is very good. People will easily remember a simple short name than a too lengthy name. Many people will avoid your business because you have a complicated name they cannot even remember or call out. In choosing a business name, it must be short, easy to pronounce and memorable.

Direct connectionMake the name of your business tell people what you are selling. The name must relate to what you sell for people to easily come for it. Customers will be able to refer to your business goods well by referring to your business name.

FontWhen writing a business name, visibility is very key. Making the name visible even from a distance will attract customers passing far from your business. Make the fonts bold, and readable at a glance. Customers must be able to read the name of your business even from a moving car.

Localize itUsing the local language for your business name most people understands can be beneficial. Give your business a name that responds the products you sell in the native language. 

This will make it easily understood by the local occupants of that area. However, only give your business a local name if you are setting it up in the interior markets.

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