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Two ladies fight over leftovers

Stephen Mwaniki

A fight between Moraa and Nyaboke after they had some differences. [Photo/Stephen Mwaniki.]

Residents of Bobaracho village in Kisii county woke up into a dramatic Sunday morning after two women engagedĀ in a fist fight

It all started when Ester Moraa poured kitchen wastewater, with ugali leftovers, at Jane Nyaboke's doorstep in their rented rooms in the area, which provoked her.

According to Nyaboke, she has been silent for long as it's not the first incident of disrespect that has happened.

This led to an exchange of nasty words which ware unbearable leading to a fight. Regardless of the dusty condition, the two ladies engagedĀ in a catfight.

This commotion attracted some attention from their neighbors who had a difficult time listening to the two parties for a solution.

"They have been having issues for long but today' was out of control leading to a fist fight. But they have solved their differences now," James Nyakano, the caretaker said.

The residents have condemned the fight terming it disrespectful and a bad example to the youngsters who were keen lookers as blows rented the air.


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