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Uhuru risks impeachment

Jackson O'Mogeni

[President Uhuru Kenyatta in a past event. He risks impeachment should he fail to agree with Ruto according to a governance expert. Photo/PSCU]

President Uhuru Kenyatta risks impeachment should he fail to agree with his deputy William Ruto over cabinet appointments, insists Gideon Mamboleo.

Last week, Ruto failed to show up in State House during the unveiling of a section of the cabinet, a move that raised eyebrows.

"I am not the one responsible for cabinet nominations. Allow the president to do his job," Ruto said after a widely speculated fallout.

Only sis Cabinet Secretaries survived Uhuru's wrath with three new faces brought in, even as State House maintained that non of ministers had been sacked.

But Mamboleo says failure for the President to give in to some of Ruto's demands, he may face a vote of no confidence within his last term.

"The truth is there are issues and if not fixed, we may see impeachment motions in future. Ruto has a fair number of MPs allied ti him and he can easily work with opposition."

On Tuesday, Citizen TV reports, Ruto yet again failed to agree with Uhuru over new appointments, a move that has further increased tension in Jubilee.

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