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Villagers angry after they were blocked to pick a corpse

Dennis Chacha
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Nyacheki residents were blocked from picking the body of their kin from City Mortuary. [Photo/Nation]

Residents of Nyacheki in Kisii County were blocked from picking a body of their kin from City Mortuary on Wednesday. 

It is alleged that the deceased daughters blocked the villagers from picking the body because their father who is a polygamous had not build a house at home.

“We are not happy with the daughters because we have planned well for the burial and they have been so cooperative o to make a U-turn," said John Morema.

They said the deceased had divorced with the husband after he decided to marry the second wife.

He condemned the daughters for frustrating the efforts of the villagers to have the deceased buried at her husband’s home. 

“It is luck that the deceased husband allowed the villagers to bury the former wife at his homestead. 

"The daughters should accept and allow their mother to be buried because she had already divorced with their father who has been persuaded to accept her,” said Osebe.

The burial committee chairman Lawrence Omete said the daughters will have to bury the deceased themselves because they have blocked the villagers who sacrificed their time and gave out money to give the deceased a good send off. 

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