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Wanyama, Mariga unleash 'beast' that get's people talking

Veronicah Nanjilah
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The Volkswagen that the Wanyama's unleashed on the streets on Wednesday. [Photo/]

Arguably Kenya's most accomplished soccer duo on Wednesday unleashed on the streets a beast that got Garissa residents quite excited.

The beast in question is a Volkswagen van, snow-white in colour whose swanky interior excited scores of people.

It had carried members of the Wanyama family as the two soccer players made their way to the Citizen Tv station along Dennis Pritts road for an interview, a testament to its sheer size.

Here is a sample of what Garissa residents had to say:

''That is not a vehicle. That is a plane,'' Abdikadir Gedow said.

''Those boys have style. I pray that they spot me and marry me. I am joking,'' Jasmine Mohamed joked.

''There taste for and fascination with high-end cars is just up there. I love the car,'' Medisa Dida said.

''I would love to own such a car. Very spacious and classy,'' Kamal Jamal said.

''This is what we call living life to the fullest,'' Korane Galgalo said.

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