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When Kanu youth wingers in Nakuru threatened to chop off fingers of opposition supporters

Wagema Felista
The late Kenneth Matiba. [Photo/Raila Odinga]

Many of Nakuru residents still remember vividly the group of boys who were dressed in red shirts, black tie, black trousers and berets marauding the town reigning terror on opposition supporters.

Those were Kanu boys known as youth wingers.

These boys were badass and it would have been better to land into trouble with the police than these young men.

At one time in 1992, when opposition heavy weight Kenneth Matiba was threatening to push President Daniel Moi and his Kanu regime out of power the boys were dispatched to deal with any opposition sympathisers.

They threatened to chop off the two fingers that Matiba supporters flashed in support of Ford Asili.

Those who clashed ways with the wingers would relocate or spend days inhouse under the bed in fear of meeting them.

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