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Why Wednesday next week is an important day for Babu Owino

Okoyu Paul

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. Photo/

The High Court will on Wednesday next week issue the final ruling on whether to strike out Babu Owino’s response to a petition filed in regards to his election as Embakasi East MP.

The petition was filed by Jubilee's Francis Mureithi who claims that Owino disregarded the law when he presented his response after 12 days instead of seven after the petition was filed.

Mureithi argues that Mr. Owino has not provided the court with substantive reason as to why he delayed.

In a replying affidavit, Babu, says the reason why he delayed in submitting his response is that he was served through publication in a local newspaper that skipped his attention.

Mureithi dismissed the responce stating that it was unreasonable.

“The respondent is responsible for own delay. It is negligence for an MP to allege he didn’t see an advert in a widely circulated daily,” said Mureithi.

Babu’s defense team has argued that their late response should even be appreciated as they were not served with the petition officially.

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