Hours to the hyped Russia 2018 World Cup, most Moi University students are now 'fixed' on the screens waiting for the whistle to be blown.

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With many top profile players gracing the event, Brazil's icon, Neymay Jr has taken the hearts of the football fans students who are 'behind' the Brazilian forward and Brazil team at large.

Some of the students through their Whatsapps groups have revealed why they are backing Brazil team to lift the cup with some of the reasons below;

"For the sake of my role model Neymar, I will be supporting Brazil team to lift the cup...he is a superhero in this competition," Larry Sang who is also among the players in the institution said.

"Because Kenya is not participating in the event, I will be behind Brazil the home of champions," said George Kamau.

"Am joining the winning party and it is Brazil, hakuna team itaweza Brazil...kwani Neymar atafunga macho!" said Vicky.

"Mahali Neymar ako it's always a trophy, expect the same in Russia...mahaters wa Neymar mtulie," Peter Nyantari commented.

A section of them also supported Brazil team for their records of not letting them down whenever they engage in gambling;

"Brazil team has never let me down every moment I place a bet on them to win, with this historic tournament I will fully support them," Otieno said.

"Brazil has given me thousands and there is no reason why I should not support them, am even planning a good amount of money to place a bet for them to win," Vincent Kemboi said.

Brazil has been listed among the tournament favorites by some of the pundits who believe they have a strong team to lift the cup.