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Why dating your colleague is a no-no


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Some people think dating the most beautiful lady or the most handsome man at their work place is fancy, but it is not. In fact dating a colleague is the most boring relationship you will ever get involved in. These are some reasons that will make you say no to your colleague:

Against company policy

Most company’s advice against dating a fellow workmate, it doesn’t matter if they are in different departments. Why should you risk losing your job?

Unnecessary attention

Once your fellow colleagues finds out about you, they will gossip about it. When you go to his desk at odd times or when they see you together, they won’t stop staring.

Boring conversations

What stories will you tell your bae if you are always confined together in one place? It gets difficult creating new ideas for each other.


You keep staring at each other, distracted by each one’s beauty making you forget the real tasks at your workplace. If it becomes a habit it might cost you your job.

Getting used to each other

You get to see him every day and be with him at tea break and lunch break. You get to leave with him after work. It becomes a problem because you can’t miss each other.

Painful breakups

In case of a breakup, it’s usually painful since you can’t hide it from your fellows, your  moods betray you.

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