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Why Jubilee MP want police to undergo psychological training

Elvanis Ronoh
Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany addressing the press in Eldoret town on February 13, 2018. [Photo/Elvanis Ronoh]

Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany has asked the National Police Service to consider offering psychological training to its officers.

This, the MP says, will help reduce incidences of police killing innocent Kenyans.

"Most police officers are stressed up thus killing people who are not criminals therefore need for them to be trained and examined on the same. This will end unnecessary killings by police," said Kositany.

He spoke on Tuesday after visiting a family of David Kuto who was killed by a police bullet while on his way to work.

"I condemn his death with the strongest terms possible, why kill an innocent life yet he is not a criminal? I demand all those involved to be brought to book since police are supposed to protect citizens and not kill them," he added.

The Jubilee allied MP further asked the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to hasten release of the payments for produce already delivered at their depots.

"I want to sincerely ask NCPB to fast-track the process of paying farmers their money for them to participate on the fourth coming planting season, they are really suffering. If the amount is delayed we will have scarcity of food  come 2019," he said.

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