The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has a closed a key road in Garissa as rains continue to pound the mostly arid region.

KeNHA county head Njuguna Katitu said on Monday motorists will not be allowed to sue the Garissa-Bura road until rains subside and KeNHA gets convinced that the road is safe for use.

Njuguna said part of the earth where the road passes has collapsed making its users vulnerable to accidents.

"It is risky using the road now because the ground is weak due to heavy rains," Njuguna told reporters in Garissa town.

"We have suspended operations along the road until rains reduce. By this we will be able to prevent accidents because there are heavy trucks plying the route."

Bura is 669 kilometres away from Garissa and takes about nine hours to drive between the two towns.

The closure of the road comes after KeNHA again closed part of the Mai Mahiu-Suswa-Narok road after soil in parts along the road collapsed making it risky to use.

Rains have been pounding Garissa and other far flung counties including Wajir, Marsabit, Isiolo and Mandera.

All this counties are found in areas where the soil is too soft to drain heavy rain water. The soil here also has no capacity to absorb high levels of water especially when it rains.