If you ask any Kenyan woman, who they will date between a short and tall man, most would say tall. 

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Research shows more than 99% of Kenyan women prefer tall, dark and slim men over short, brown and fat ones. The following reasons justify their choice.

1. Tall men are polite.

Every theory fronted by scientists, researchers, and psychologists claim tall men are polite-they are never aggressive in their dealings. Women love polite men, not men who quarrel over small matters.

2. They speak less.

We all understand that women like to dominate discussions. But short men don’t let them be. It’s been proven, tall men speak less and listen more while short men do the opposite.

3. They are sweet in bed.

Women scramble for tall, slim men because they are exceedingly sweet in bed. You can prove for yourself if you doubt this!

4. Tall, dark men don’t brag.

You all know brown men brag more than any other human being alive. The worst is when the man is tall. This is the reason women state that they need tall, dark and slim.


Rarely would you find a tall and slim(not so slim) man weak? A woman is assured of protection from external aggressors if her man is tall.


Research shows that out of 10 geniuses, 7 are tall. Tall men will sire intelligent children. Period!