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Why Moi varsity ladies will not show that they love you

Peter Mokaya
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A beautiful campus lady posing for a pic. [Photo/gstatic. com]

In many occasions, you must have come across this word ‘crush'. What a sweet thing to talk about. Despite the fact that not every crushes have happy ends, it is still awesome when we think again about how that special person draws us closer and deeper. 

It is a fact of no doubt that when people like someone, they will act differently than they usually did there before. Some might become more active, kinda getting some sort of euphoria, perhaps? But we all know that there are people who just seem like sitting in the corner and watch. Admiring from afar, thinking about that person day and night without anyone knowing. But if you feel that way, perhaps you’re missing on something. 

Just so you know, these are some of the few reasons as to why Moi university ladies will try as much as she can not to show that she likes you;

She’s afraid

You may be seated there at your house thinking out loud why for heaven's sake this point comes first. Relax, the most possible reason as to why she is not trying to show is that she is scared and afraid. Afraid of what? Well, maybe rejection? She is afraid that once she shows up you will run away. Or maybe your reaction may not be exactly what she expected. Now if she happens to meet you at Mega bites cafe, she may be afraid that both of you can never be friends once she shows up. 


Honestly, it is a big ‘no' that you may be embarrassing her. It is not impossible that she is not used to show affection or act of liking. She has a trauma, or she has no experience in that. She is just too embarrassed or maybe shy to show you how she feels.

You may be a star-crossing couple

You may happen to be coming from different races and your parents won't at whatever cost let you be together. So she will always ‘die in the heart' whenever she sees you because she cannot express what she feels. Did you know that she would make the best wife, but that is now a different story altogether. 

She listens

Whenever you’re talking, be it with your friend or anyone, she’ll be listening to you if she’s there. She’ll pay attention to what you say more than she do to the other person than you.

They are working day and night to ensure they find the best way to express themselves. I hope it works soon.


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-Peter Mokaya

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