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Why this MP is Nyong'o, Orengo's biggest threat

Jeff Murunga
Nyando MP Jared Okello.(Photo/

They have been the Kings of Luo Nyanza politics for over two decades, but Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong'o and Siaya Senator James Orengo should brace for a bruising battle as a new politician is on the rise, and if left 'untamed', he will become their biggest nightmare.

Nyando MP Jared Okello is the new sheriff in town. Though a first time legislator, Okello's presence h

as already been felt and his political journey has just started.

He announced his arrival into national politics last year in December when he threatened to resign as MP if NASA leader Raila Odinga was not sworn in as Kenya's President. 

In February, as ODM, his sponsor party held it's National Governing Council meeting, the vocal politician was picked as Party's Director of Economic Affairs. This just underscored his growing influence within the outfit.

Just recently, when Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta held a meeting where they struck a deal to end their political rivalry, Okello was among the first Nyanza politicians to comment on the deal even as he asked the two leaders to make public their agreement for public confidence.

Besides that, he is among the Luo Nyanza MPs pushing Raila to make yet another stab at presidency.

Whether he is doing it for publicity is another thing. But what is undeniable is that a new political monster has been born and the man is Jared Okello.

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