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Why try vanilla sex tonight

Arangi P. Arangi
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Vanilla sex can be defined as plain sex. This is the kind of sex where there are no twists or kinks. There is nothing like dominating when it comes to plain sex. Most people are deeply in love with this form of sex because it comes with many advantages. Here are reasons why Vanilla Sex Is the Best.

1. No sex injuries

Injuries are common during sex. Vanilla is the safest form of sex. There are no chances of one suffering from any injuries at some point whenever they are having Vanilla sex. Partners who fear suffering different types of injuries during sex will always go for vanilla sex to fulfill their fantasies. The sex is comfortable and safe compared to other forms of sex many people have been engaging in.Both of you know what is happening

2. Both partners are good during this sex

There are no toys, yoga, awkwardness or Karma Sutra positions required to make this sex more fun. It is not only simple but also easy to do. This is why this type of sex rocks. In addition, it does not take any form of skills to enjoy this sex with the love of your life. Both novices and experienced persons will find it interesting in the long run.

  3. The end result is great

Vanilla can be described as the happiest type of sex. Each of the partners will be left happy in the long run.  Unlike other forms of sex where one of the partners feels disappointed in the end, Vanilla has a happy ending altogether. 

4. No Sex-Toy Awkwardness 

There are no toys required in order to have fun this type of sex. Vanilla sex can be performed without toys and still the partners will enjoy. The sex is simple and easy to do.

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