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Why women hate each other for no reason

Cornel Wawire
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Their oestrogen level is to blame for hating each other (photo/

Most women don’t like their fellow women and they have no reason for this. She didn’t do anything wrong nor say anything bad. More so, it could be the first time you are meeting her but you already hate her like she has 100 men from you.

According to a study published in the Journal of Biology Letters, a woman will hate her fellow woman for nothing and it’s her estrogen levels and ovulation to blame. The study found out that women with high levels of estrogen hormone in their body (which are at their peak every month when she is ovulating) hated other women who are also ovulating.

The same study indicated that men are more attracted to women who are ovulating. The other women ovulating too will sense this and this could be the reason she hates her fellow woman for no good reason. Two women who are ovulating find each other attractive and easily approachable and this is why they might hate each other.

This also could be the reason middle-class girls and high schools girls behave the way they do. They feel the other woman is giving them competition and thus hate them for this. Women are good in sensing other women who are ovulating thus they won’t let such a woman near their men.

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