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Why women in love should be treated expensively

Ouru David
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Sex and Relationship expert, Susan Quilliam in one of her articles gives her views on why love is so expensive.  According to her the reason why there are so many divorces and breakups is enough to justify the expensiveness of love. 

From personal to financial commitments which are not easy to maintain explains why love is not that easy. Furthermore, why do people have to pay the bride price,  a hefty one in that case, if love is not that expensive? 

This means love is costly and not that cheap. It does not come that easy. Beautiful and worthy things are always expensive and that's exactly what love is. 

When you want to date it is not advisable to look for someone just because you are desperately in need of someone to love and appreciate you. 

Such people will never know the worth of your love and what you deserve in your love life. All they will do is to make you feel unworthy all the time by not appreciating your love. 

You should reserve your heart for someone who deserves it because it is a full-time commitment. However, all these depends on how you carry yourself around, how you present your image as a person.

If you present yourself well that is exactly how people will see and treat you in a relationship but if you present yourself otherwise you will be treated the same way.

Nevertheless, it will still cost a man a big deal in order to treat your love and meet the commitments in your 

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