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Why women prefer handsome men for sex

Ouru David
A well built handsome man.[]

The first impression a lady normally gets of a man is quite important in what is to happen in the bedroom. 

Sex expert, Marshall Miller says: The more attract a guy is the more appealing she becomes to a woman. 

Studies have also shown that women are more likely to climax when they are in bed with a man that is attractive to them.Again, women are known to be admirers of cute babies. 

According to psychologists, female orgasm is linked to the desire to produce higher 'quality' offspring, therefore, if they are making out with a guy they deem to be attractive then chances are that they will climax easily and faster compared to when bedding a guy less attractive to them.

Therefore, attractiveness is one factor that will help women enjoy sex and achieve orgasm during make out. 

Given that female pleasure is linked to everything from mood to inherent libido, an attractive man can easily trigger a woman's mood during foreplay. 

Thus the more handsome a man is to a given woman the more the sensation that results into nice make out.This explains why many women are attracted to handsome men because of the perception they usually have on attractive men when it comes to bedroom affairs.

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