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Why you should have sex on an empty stomach

Martin Gathura
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The topic of sex and food is one that wide and has been covered widely i.e. what foods does your body require in order to improve your sexual prowess. However, in this piece, you are going to learn on why you are better off on an empty stomach right before you engage in some lovemaking.

Research carried out by shows that when a person ravishes a huge meal right before sex, blood needed for stimulation of the genitals is directed to the stomach to aid in digestion. Digestion takes up a lot of blood and energy, the two things that are necessary optimal performance in bed. For men, the blood flow works to fill up erectile tissue which enables erection while in women while in women it is responsible for dilation of blood vessels in the genitals which in turn causes lubrication fluid to pass through them for convenient penetration.

A full stomach is also likely to interfere with a woman’s sex drive, as it can make her feel bloated and less flexible which is definitely not a good thing for sex. It is therefore advisable to put off sex for a while immediately after dinner with your significant other.

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