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Why you should serve your husband sweet potatoes thrice per week

Ivy Shilako
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It is believed that one of the ways to man’s heart is through his stomach. If this is true, your route to his heart via his stomach should also benefit you abundantly. A serving of sweet potatoes thrice weekly is an investment that will ensure you are ever a happy couple whenever you retire to bed.

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium. This is vital in fighting high blood pressure. Several studies link high blood pressure to potential erectile dysfunction. To avoid this marriage breaker, make sure he eats enough sweet potatoes.

On the other hand, there is beta-carotene in these potatoes. It helps the body get the vital vitamin A. though not yet scientifically proven, Vitamin A is associated with helping men with infertility issues

As you give him enough sweet potatoes, please reduce the following:


Coffee is good especially during the cold season and early mornings. However, excess caffeine can increase stress hormones in his brain. Considering the fact that most sex happens in the brain, his performance will dwindle.


Dairy products should also be regulated. They contain lactic acid that has the ability to lower libido. Some are lucky and are not affected by it but there are other annoying effects of too much dairy. Imagine spending a night with a gassy man in bed. It is generally irritating.

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