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Why your stomach has been growling like faulty posho mill

Samir Oriah
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An illustration of human digestive system. courtesy:WebMd

It starts with a suppressed gaseous urge and ends up sounding like a diffused missile. A rumbling stomach is one of the most embarrassing aspects of human nature in a social context. What causes a growling stomach?

Not taking enough water. Water is good for silencing the moving parts in there that cause the growling sound. Water aids in digestion and fills up the stomach. Medics put it that a human requires an average of two litres of water (8 glasses) daily for normal functioning.

Having too much of foods and drinks that cause  gas. Beans, cabbage mushrooms, onions peas, soda and beer are all culpable. If you cannot avoid them  at least select on when to have them.

Chewing  too fast. Eating should not always be a competition. The fast you chew, the more gas you ingest. Also, remember biology lesson which teaches that digestion starts at the mouth. Be a person of decorum in eating!

Eating  too much. It is recommendable to eat small portions of food at regular intervals than climbing a mountain of a heavily endowed plate once or twice  a day.

Being  too inactive. A walk after a meal will do you good. It not only helps in digestion but also regulates blood sugar level. However, after meal is not the time for intense physical work.

Being under stress or anxiety. Stress and anxiety slows down digestion resulting to indigestion that causes growling and heartburn. Just get something to light up your mood by all means.

Being hungry. Sometimes growling sounds are a reminder that some organisms in there need to be fed. Just grab something and throw it in your mouth and all shall be well.

Finally, You may have forgotten deworming and minyoo’s down there have grown horns. Consider seeing either a doctor or a pharmacist.

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