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Why your woman should wear socks in bed

Martin Gathura
Wearing socks during sex increase a woman's chances of achieving orgasm. [Photo/]

The sole purpose of covering your feet in a pair of comfy socks to every human regardless of gender is to provide a conducive environment for blood circulation around the feet and hence warmth. However, in women, they come with something extra than that. Wearing a pair of socks during sex has been proven to increase her chances of achieving an orgasm by 80 percent.

A research done by Dutch psychologist Gert Holtege established that feelings of anxiety and fear are associated with cold feet in women. Therefore wearing socks which undoubtedly promote comfort and warmth trigger the brain’s amygdala and prefrontal cortex areas resulting in a calming effect on the woman. This accompanied with the usual feel good hormones released by the brain during sex play a crucial role in achieving intense orgasms.

Wearing socks during sex also allows for some of the blood flow to be directed to the feet for circulation, therefore, triggering the brain to release a few amounts of feel-good hormone serotonin which boosts happiness and comfort. The feelings of warmth and some form of security are the requirements for a woman to have a happy ending.

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