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Witches stole my pant, woman claims

Dennis Chacha
A woman from Kisii claims her pants were stolen. [Photo/Standard]

A widow from Nyabero in South Mugirango claims that suspected witches stole her pants on Wednesday.

The woman who declined to be named, said she has been having sleepless nights since her husband since her husband died under mysterious circumstances.

“I don’t have peace since my husband passed on two years ago. He was bewitched over what is suspected to be land ownership. 

"The same witches are after me because my pant I was wearing mysterious disappeared on Wednesday night as I was having a bath outside my house. 

I had hanged it on a hanger in front of the door. It is just a month ago when I lost my skirt and was admitted in hospital and the doctors didn’t find any disease,” she said.

The woman added that when she went for prayers, the pastor revealed to her that her mother-in-law want her dead so that she can sell the land that was left behind by her late husband.

"I have two kids that my husband left me with. I have not accepted any man to may life. My mother-in-law wants me to surrender the land ownership documents to her so that she can sell the land," she said.

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