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Words women use when angry but mean opposite

Ouru David
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Most women often communicate in 'coded words' where the say one thing to mean the other. This in most cases happens when a lady gets angry and just decides not to open up.

According to Sex and Relationship expert, Susan Quilliam, women are always in the habit of expressing their anger through this means of saying one thing but mean the opposite.

This mostly happens when they are angry, disappointed or stressed with a particular issue or person.

At times, it needs the man to apply some intelligence in order to interpret the message being passed. 

Here are some words women use that exactly mean the opposite


This is one response women normally give instead to mean 'something'. Women normally use this response when angry and don't want to talk about an issue.

This is always meant to cut the story short.

I'm fine

This word actually means the opposite of it. It instead supposed to mean 'not fine. 

Women use it instead to signify that things are not well. It is used to cut a long story short and avoid any further argument.

Do not worry

This word is commonly used by women to instead mean that there are a lot of things to be worried about. A good example is when you asked your woman whether everything is right and she responds with 'don't worry'.

Therefore, it requires intelligence to understand women in relationships especially when they are angry.

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