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Youth leader decries increased suicide among the young people

Dennis Chacha

A police car at a past crime scene. [Photo/The Standard]

A youth leader in Bomariba ward, Kisii South sub-county has decried increased cases of suicide among the youth.

According to Rachael Abuta, a youth official in Bomariba ward, evil spirits are at work and have mostly affected the young people.

She said a meeting will be held soon to establish the major reasons making youths to commit suicide.

In the latest incident, on Thursday a boda-boda rider identified as Wycliffe Oginga committed suicide after a quarrel with family members in Ikorora village, Boroko sub location, Abuta said church leaders should pray for the youths who have been attacked by evil spirits.

“The number of youths committing suicide is on the rise. Church leaders should do something to help our youths who have been attacked by evil spirits to take own lives,” she said.

She added that a youth meeting will be held and counselors will be invited to counsel the youths. 

“Desperation among the jobless youths seems to be increasing day by day. The county government should also help in engaging the youths to keep them busy so that they don’t make decisions about committing suicide,” she noted. 


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