Hivisasa connects hundreds of local writers to millions of Kenyan readers. We are proud to provide a platform for diverse voices from all around the country.

Anyone can submit a short local news story accompanied by a photo or an opinion piece on a subject they care about.

Who can write for Hivisasa?

You do not need to be a certified or trained journalist to report the news happening around you.

Workers, students, parents, public officials, concerned citizens, business people, bystanders etc. They can all write for Hivisasa.  Many trained journalists also contribute to our site, which boosts their skill and reputation.

Which topics do you accept?

We accept news stories on all topics as long as they:

How do I start?

Write a 200-words news story (or submit a new photo with a short description) answering these fundamental questions:

What event took place?
Where and when did it happen?
Who was involved?
How did the event occur?
Why is it noteworthy?


See these three examples of good local news stories;


How do I write an Opinion piece?

Are you someone with a strong opinion and a passion for changing perspectives?

 Are you a thinker or do you have something you simply need to tell your county?


“HiviSasa Opinions” is a way of speaking your mind on whatever topic you choose. It is the ideal way for you to reach thousands of readers.


How do you submit an opinion? 

If you are not yet registered, register on HiviSasa and make sure the title of the article starts with “Opinion”, example: “Opinion: my view on the devolution”.

See this examples of good opinion story:

Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated and trust is gained.

Ready to write? Registration takes less than a minute, start here.


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