Is Hivisasa active in my county?

We are currently active in 9 counties and two special categories.

We only accept stories about Nakuru, Kiambu, Machakos, Kisii, Nyamira, Kisumu, Uasin Gishu, Garissa and Mombasa Counties. The special categories are Kibera and National which is a category of stories which are of national appeal.


If you are registered on Hivisasa, you will notice if we are rolling out in new counties in the tab where you select the location of your story.

Where can I learn how to write a news story (or opinion)?

Read these pages to learn the basics of news writing:

For more info, email [email protected] or call or WhatsApp 0724-99-92-36.

What does Hivisasa pay per news story?

With the existence of the internet, many people write stories and/or update their statuses for free on their social media pages and blogs. We offer you both free training to learn to write news, and a financial incentive every time your story gets published.


We have top writers who currently make between Sh 6,000 and Sh 8,500 per week. This could be you, all you need to do is submit as many stories as you can. Read more about our top writers here.


Writers also earn extra weekly cash bonuses for the popular ‘most read’ stories.


See our payment terms here:


For more info WhatsApp 0724-99-92-36.

What kind of news stories do you accept?

We accept any type of news stories as long as they are relevant to the county you are submitting them under. For example, stories about local politics, business, agriculture, opinions, crime, sports, entertainment, events, general news…etc. Ensure the story is between 200 - 500 words.


Read more about our story standards here


For more info WhatsApp 0724-99-92-36.

I have submitted a news story, why did I not get feedback?

Once your news stories have been seen by our editors, you should receive an automatic email or go under “Notifications” on your Hivisasa profile (within 24hrs).


You will either be told that your story has been published, or why it was rejected. If you have not received this feedback, check your email’s spam box or email [email protected]

What device can I use to submit news stories?

Most of our writers either use their internet-enabled phone, go to the cyber, or have access to a laptop and modem.


To submit a news story click on the blue “Submit Article” button on the bottom right of our website (also attach an image to your story). You must make sure you are registered and signed in on Hivisasa before doing so; go here.


For more info WhatsApp 0724-99-92-36.

Why was the news story I submitted rejected?

See below the most common reasons our editors choose not to publish a news story. If your story is rejected, make sure to read the feedback (in our email, or on your profile page under “notifications”).


Those who learn from their mistakes tend to become more successful writers, and to earn more.


If you receive a feedback reason that is confusing, contact 0724-99-92-36.

How can I make sure my story is published?

Useful check-list



Read more about Hivisasa news writing here:

For more info WhatsApp Is my privacy guaranteed when 0724-99-92-36.

 submitting a story?

When you register on Hivisasa, your personal details (email, M-Pesa number) are not made public.


They are only available to Hivisasa editors. The only information available to the public (i.e. readers) is the name (or by-line) you choose to register with.


For more information about our terms and conditions, visit or WhatsApp 0724-99-92-36.

Why was my feature story rejected as “untimely”?

Currently, Hivisasa publishes several kinds of stories but they all have to be timely.


For “hard news” stories, they should be submitted as soon as they happen as going beyond a certain time they become ‘stale’ or ‘time barred’.


Feature stories are not hard news and they are usually more lengthy and analytical. Ensure that all the facts are in your feature story for it to be published.


Read more about news photo here:


For more info WhatsApp 0724-99-92-36.

I have signed in, what is the next step?

After signing up, click on “Submit News” then write a local news story about any of the various categories such as politics, business, crime, agriculture, news, sports, entertainment and events.


After submitting your story, within 24hrs you’ll be notified if it was published and if not, why it was not published.


Our website allows you to submit several photos per story. To make your story more appealing to readers, send as many photos as possible describing the event you are covering.


Read more about news photo here:


Follow the steps here: 

Have a question that is not answered on this page? Kindly contact Ann, our Customer Care representative, on WhatsApp at 0724-99-92-36. or on email [email protected]