1. How can I write a news story or opinion piece for Hivisasa?

Kindly read this short guide to writing for us.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact our user support desk ([email protected], Call/SMS/WhatsApp 0724999236)

2. What kind of news stories do you accept?

We accept most types of news stories as long as they are relevant to the county you are submitting them under. Common subjects include local politics, business, agriculture, crime, sports, entertainment, opinion and so forth. Ensure the story is between 200 - 500 words.

We only publish articles that meet our editorial standards. Read more about them here.

If you still have questions, kindly WhatsApp our writer support team at 0724-99-92-36.

3. How does Hivisasa work?

Hivisasa is a crowdsourced media site. Writers from all around Kenya can send us stories about what is happening in their communities. Our county editors then check that the articles meet our quality standards and publish them on our website for millions to read.

The company makes money offering advertising and research services for companies and non-profits. We pay writers per article and our rates are based on performance.  

4. What does Hivisasa reward me for my story?

Hivisasa pays contributors according to article performance. For more details, visit our Payments page.

5. What can Hivisasa do for my non-profit?

Hivisasa allows non-profits to build genuine relationships with the communities they serve. Through our vast network of local journalists, we can provide cost-effective, quality research on local issues while our news site offers the perfect platform to launch impactful and measurable awareness campaigns. As a mobile-first product, we also support program enrollment and implementation tracking in hard to reach locations.

If you want to learn more about what Hivisasa can do for your NGO, kindly contact our sales team at ([email protected])