Gatuanyaga residents have decried what they have said is pollution of Chania River by raw sewage coming from upstream.

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Speaking on Friday at Magugu-ini chief's camp, the residents led by area MCA Cecilia Wamaitha said pollution has affected them negatively as they use the river's water for domestic use and irrigation.

"This is not the first time we are raising this matter. Two weeks ago, the county’s environment officials visited us and told us that the pollution was coming from a failed sewage plant at Pilot area and that it would be fixed. Up to now nothing has been done", said James Wakahiu, a resident.

Esther Wairimu said they are glaring at an impending danger of diseases outbreak as they have no alternative source of water.

"Most of us can't afford to buy water at a price of up to Sh20 per a 20-litre jerrican. The river water is our lifeline", she said.

The MCA, however, assured them that she will look into the problem and have the matter addressed as soon as possible.

"This is a very dry area and polluting the Chania River water which is the only reliable source of their water is very bad. I will raise the matter with the relevant county department for a quick solution to be found," Wamaitha said.