Entrepreneurship illustration. [Photo/thegrio.com]

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Being an entrepreneur doesn’t guarantee success. You will experience failure many times. If you are failing, it’s because you are not taking enough risks.

Negative feedback will help you grow. Surround yourself with people who are not afraid of telling you the bitter truth.

Do less talking and more showing. Results will give people more reason to pay attention.

 No one cares about your company as much as you do.

Create your own luck by working tirelessly at what you’re passionate about.

 You will have to make hard decisions, like firing your best friend or removing a co-founder. Whatever you do, make them fast and don’t let the heart get in the way of these decisions. Just make them and move on.

There will always be haters. These are people that don’t have the courage to become entrepreneurs and are hating because you took the risk. Ignore them and just keep charging forward.

Every entrepreneur has those days when they want to quit and go back to a corporate job. Don’t think you have lost your entrepreneurial spirit when you have these days.  

People will dismiss you. Many times.

No matter your level of success, always be humble and willing to help a fellow entrepreneur.