A family from Ramba location in Bogichora ward, Nyamira County is in a shock and in a panic mood after four members died within four days under unclear circumstances.

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According to the family spokesperson Dickson Ongaga, the whole incident began on Friday when one of their brother was found dead at a nearest shopping center, Makairo, which was followed by three more deaths.

"On Friday one of our brother was found on the road side dead. On Saturday, his twins died while asleep and finally on Sunday my sister's daughter as well died in unclear circumstances," he said.

However, he added that they suspect 'something is wrong' with the family and called for Kenyans to pray for them during the tough times.

"Normally in Gusii region such deaths are related to witchcraft mostly regarded as "omosira" but I would put it off for now until we confirm

 "And let our friends and relatives known as the family we have called upon help” said Masi

The family has started to arrange for the burial of the four bodies as they are currentl;y preserved at Nyamira morgue.