She burst into the political limelight in 2002 when vied for the Taveta MP seat a KANU ticket. Though a rookie in politics, Dr. Naomi Shaban survived the NARC political tsunami that elbowed the independence party from power. And since then, she has never looked behind.

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Now serving her fourth consecutive term and being an influential member of the Jubilee government, the University of Nairobi-trained medical doctor can now rightfully claim that she is the iron lady of Coast politics.

I  region where former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has stamped has authority since 2007, Dr. Shaban has remained his biggest political headache with no candidate vying on his ODM party eclipsing her in the last three elections.

With four years remaining to the next general election, Dr. Shaban who is now one of the longest serving MPs in the country today will easily win the fifth term if she vies again. But for Raila and his party, it may take proper planning to finally send her home. If not, she will continue serving for as long as she wants until she voluntarily hangs her political boots.