Whether the region supports him or not in the 2022 general elections,  Deputy President William Ruto will be seeking to include the Luo Nyanza region in his government if he wins.

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Considering that the region is one of the biggest and his 2027 bid to defend his seat, Ruto will obviously not isolate Luos simply because they do not vote him in 2022.

Here are some of the area politicians he is likely to include in his government in a bid to give it a national image and make Luos feel included.

1. Okoth Obado

The Migori Governor is currently considered a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto judging by his deemed enmity and political differences with Raila, Ruto's main rival.

In the instance that Ruto wins the presidency in 2022, this is one of the people he might pick and hand powerful positions to give his government a national look.

Until late last year, the two were close allies and Obado repeatedly hosted the DP in Migori and since he will have retired, he will most likely seek and take the position.

2. Raphael Tuju

Judging by the arithmetic of probability, the former Rarieda lawmaker has spent most of his political life in the ruling side, away from Raila who has been mostly in the opposition.

First, well aware that he is very unlikely to win any seat nor be welcome in Nyanza, he is likely to stick to the DP in the 2022 elections and land a lucrative seat upon Ruto's s win.

And since he is currently holding the Cabinet Minister without portfolio slot, he is only likely to get either a bigger or slightly lower position, if he sticks to a victorious Ruto.

3. Shem Ochuodho and Eddy Oketch

Ochuodho, a former Rangwe lawmaker is also among former vocal Nyanza lawmakers who are currently on the opposing side to Raila and might be used by the DP in 2022.

Frequent on breakfast TV interviews, the latter has placed himself as an anti-Raila crusader and could be picked to first spearhead Ruto's campaigns before being absorbed in.

Also, Ruto will most likely be seeking to take over Oketch who was a thorn in the ODM flesh in last year's Migori senatorial by-elections as he seeks to infiltrate the region in future polls.

He was accused of bankrolling the youthful politician's campaigns before his loss to former Energy Cabinet Minister Ochillo Ayacko.