There has been emerging threats spreading across social media platforms at the global stage even as platforms such as Facebook and Twitter seek to improve the privacy and protection of their users. Cases of blackmail, impersonation and fraud are on the rising projection in social media platforms as cybercrime experts express rising fears of social media emerging as a threat. However, the recent threat posed by social media is that of paedophiles.

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Security experts have warned against posting pictures of children online, in case they fall into the wrong hands. McAfee, a cybersecurity company says that despite fears that paedophiles could access images, 53% of parents will post about their children ’s photos online. Almost a third of those are posted on public profiles which can be looked at by anyone.

Cybercrime experts are increasingly warning parents to first consider the potential consequences of what they post. This should also be in consideration with recent studies which have shown that young people feel worried and anxious when their parents upload private pictures of them online.

“The images uploaded can be used to gather personal information such as school, location, a child’s full name, or even birth dates to paint a picture of who they are,” warns Raj Samani, a chief scientist at McAfee.

Most people usually post photos of their kids online as TBT (Throwback Thursday), especially in Facebook and WhatsApp status. This could be giving information about your kids to paedophiles or other people who might harm your kid.