Renowned lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi now claims he's been victimised by a clique of judges having exposed their tendencies in collecting bribes from litigants.

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In yet another bombshell aimed at the judiciary which is increasingly coming under scrutiny, Mr Abdullahi believes his recent loses at court are directly related to his outbursts aimed at 'rogue' judges.

Mr Abdullahi lost the case involving Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi and former Governor Ahmed Abdullahi at the Supreme Court despite winning twice in lower courts.

On Wednesday at Citizen TV, he said: "Throughout my life when nobody could speak about corruption in the judiciary, I spoke about it and bore the consequences of that."

But youthful lawyer Nelson Havi, who has been involved in an online spat with the seasoned lawyer, accuses Mr Abdullahi of allegedly attacking the judiciary for selfish gains.

In a tweet, Mr Havi, who happened to have represented the Wajir Governor Abdi, added that Abdullahi has a 'bad' history of not conceding defeat.

"Grand Mullah lost fair and square. He had 9 grounds in High Court. He concentrated on 1 in Court of Appeal but changed tack in Supreme Court as it was evident Governor had a degree. It is a case of abandoning a 9 rounds rifle for a single round pistol. Career ending error," said Havi in relation to the Wajir case.

Mr Abdullahi was LSK male representative to Judicial Service Commission before losing to Prof Tom Ojienda in 2015.