Many have been said of men from the populous Somali community predominantly found in Garissa, Mandera and Wajir counties.

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Men from this community have stereotypically been profiled as being naturally polygamous. As a man, the culture readily approves of one getting a second wife or even more without getting a direct consent from the first.

It has even been said that in the next ten years, the Somali community might have come to top four of Kenya's most populous tribes.

However, for the Mandera-born lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, getting a second wife or even subsequent is a personal decision. But for him, he is not planning to marry another woman.

In an interview with the Business Daily, Ahmednasir revealed that he is contented with his one wife.

"You know people misunderstand marriage in Islamic law. You don’t wake up one day and get a second wife. There are regulations. I’m content with my wife," he revealed in the interview.

The fiery lawyer and his wife have been blessed with four kids, and he believes is an ideal number to a modern family.

In a show of commitment to the family unit, Ahmednasir convinced his Information Technology (IT) expert wife to remain a housewife. This is despite her first class honours degree from Middlesex University.