Sharp divisions have emerged following Sh10 donation by Deputy President William Ruto towards completion of South Kenya Conference buildings at Nyanchwa on Saturday.

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At Gusii Stadium, Ruto who led a group of MPs during the fundefund, told off his critics, arginine that giving money towards construction of a church is not a crime that should attract criticism.

"There are those who feel bad when we give something to church. These people have never even helped anywhere in construction of churches. Pray for them so that they see sense in it," he said.

But a section of SDA Church members have criticised the move, with some accusing pastors of veering off the tradition of the church by allowing donations from politicians.

"The Sabbath does not allow that. It's wrong and such action should be condemned. Allowing someone to give Sh10 million without even knowing the source is against the will of God," argued Elkana Okong'o, a human rights activist.

Samuel Okemwa, a US based SDA believer and a staunch human rights activist added: "The money should be returned to Ruto. His source of money has been questioned before and it's wrong for the church to take such gifts."

But MPs Shadrack Mose (Kitutu Masaba) and Ezekiel Machogu (Nyaribari Masaba) backed Ruto's donations, saying they had nothing to do with the accusations he is facing.

"The DP has not been convicted in a court of law. He has always given money towards development of Churches. I don't understand why we should feel aggrieved with such donations," he said in a phone interview.