Calif Records is a pioneer music label in Kenya that was founded in 2000 within Nairobi’s  California estate. Under the leadership of Clemmo and Jua Cali, Calif records helped popularize the Genge music across East Africa.

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The label has been a bridge for many artists who left the label. Currently, Jua Cali and Mahtma are the only remaining top artists under the label.The label groomed artistes such Nonini, Jimwa@t, Lady S, Choku among others.

Today we look at three artists under the group Calif Angels. ( Choku, Rat a Tat and Lady S)


After ruling the airwaves, Choku went silent. She however re-emerged in 2016 with a new hit single after three years in the cold. Her latest ‘Sigawi’ performed poorly. After the mini-comeback Choku disappeared again. She is currently focusing on personal projects. Chocu currently works as a banker. 

Rat a Tat

Another member of the Calif Angels. Rat-A-Tat is famous for hits such as Morale, Ratatat and  Zinduka among others. Ratatat who has remained silent maintains that she is still an artist because once an artist, always an artist. Speaking early this year, Rat a Tat stated that she is set to release a song with Pilipili. 

Lady S 

We cannot forget the queen of Genge, Sharon Wangwe was popularly known as Lady s. She was discovered back in 2001 by rapper Juacali and the rest was history. She went ahead to release hits like ‘Umeachwa’ which was a hit. She wrote her songs according to her experiences, the song was a dedication to her ex-boyfriend who had earlier broken up with her. Unfortunately, Lady S died in a road accident in September 2007 along Thika Road. At this time she was expected to feature in her first ever international concert in the UK.