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3 ways you need to build forgiveness into your relationship

Arangi P. Arangi
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Grudges and bitterness hurt relationships. 

Partners need to learn to forgive each other whenever issues arise. 

All relationships have ups and downs. 

Do not expect everything to be perfect when you start dating. 

It has been proven that couples who learn to forgive each other are more likely to stay together than those who do not. 

Regardless of how much your partner has hurt you, learn to forgive him or her. 

We have highlighted ways you need to build forgiveness into your relationship:

1. Think about your relationship goals

A relationship without goals is destined to fail. 

Always think about your goals whenever things seem to be falling apart in your love life. 

There is no need to compete with your partner over things that do not matter in life. 

It is senseless to win the battle and lose the war. 

2. Learn to forgive and forget

Drop the case once you have addressed it. 

Do not hold grudges because your partner annoyed you at one point or another. 

When you hold a grudge with your partner, you also suffer emotionally.  

Get over it and move on with life.

3. Don't recreate bad memories

 A mistake could trigger bitter memories. 

Never bring the past into the present when you have a problem. 

Think of ways to settle the issue at hand, rather than bringing back the old memories. 

The present is more important than the past.#MyLifestyle

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