Police in Nakuru are investigating the mysterious death of a Kenya Defence Forces officer who was found dead in lodging at Nakuru’s Kanu Street.

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The officer is said to have booked a room in the lodging on December 29 but failed to wake the following day.

The management of the guest house forced their way into the room only to find his lifeless body on the bed.

A police source said investigations were commenced immediately and they are waiting for a postmortem report as the body did not have any injuries.

Kanu Street is Nakuru’s red light district which is notorious with dangerous hookers.

The street has many pubs and lodgings where the night girls ply their trade under the cloud of darkness.

A source at the lodging said the KDF checked in around 11 pm in the company of a skimpily dressed woman.

It is, however, not yet clear when the lady left the room.

Kanu Street, Three Ways in Nakuru town and Ndumu in Maili Sita are dangerous dens where flesh peddlers lure men with pleasures before spiking their drinks with ‘mchele’.