Political analyst Ambrose Weda now says that Deputy President (DP) William Ruto's discomfort with opposition leader Raila Odinga is natural and justifiable.

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The DP has been repeatedly attacking Raila and his team lately, months after the latter sealed a working union with President Uhuru Kenyatta, his former rival.

Weda says that Ruto is growing scared that the union might strengthen Raila whom he is very likely to face in the 2022 presidential election, though Raila remains silent.

He noted that Ruto is aware that he might have it hard beating the former Premier in the race, hence his worries that a little bit more strength might see him lose the seat.

"Ruto is openly opposed to Raila because he is very well aware that Raila is not a joke. He knows that Raila is the only man who can scuttle his presidential plans," he said.

The commentator made the comments in an interview on The Big Conversation, on KBC English Service on Wednesday.

However, he stressed on the need for the DP to be very keen on his attacks, warning that an attack on the ODM leader's Luo tribe as a whole is not the way to go.

"He has issues with Raila but extending their differences to the Luo community as a whole is not a good move, he should not do that as its too low for him," said Weda.

This comes only days after Ruto made remarks that have been termed an attack on the entire community, though he never mentioned Luos in his speech.