Unemployment remains a serious challenge in the country including Garissa County.

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Thousands of Garissa residents especially young people tarmac the streets every day in search for jobs.

Job hunting in Garissa is always a hard and tiresome task that needs to be planned well.

According to human resource Manager Martha Mburu working with a local NGO, it is advisable for one to plan before embarking on a job search.

Devolution has opened many employment opportunities in counties which young people and job seekers need to take up.

Here are four credible places to search for job opportunities in Garissa.

1. Public notice boards

Public notice boards are one of the credible sources to get a job opportunity in Garissa.

The notice boards are strategically placed at county government offices, sub-county offices, and ward offices in Garissa.

Such notice-boards are also found in public hospitals and police stations

You can often find a job that meets your specifications when you frequently check the notice-boards.

2. Local newspapers 

Newspapers remain one of the easiest ways to locate a job opportunity.

In Garissa, you can buy locally produced dailies and peruse them for any job openings.

3. Local company websites 

There various local companies in Garissa and the larger North Eastern region.

You can also search for job openings on other companies’ websites across the country.

Public and private companies have taken advantage of technology and advertise their job openings on websites and other social media platforms.

It is advisable to be checking the websites of the companies you are interested in working with for job openings.

4. Public barazas

They are common in Garissa and are one of the sure ways you can get a job.

During these local meetings, public administrators like chiefs and sub-county officials often announce for job openings.

You can never miss a job opportunity if you attend the public barazas.

5. Networking with friends

Networking remains the sure way of bumping into a job opportunity.

Create a good rapport with friends and join social media groups for updates on job openings.

All the best in your job search.